2023-2024 Tree Coupon Program

Tree Coupon requests for the 2023-2024 season is officially open!  


1. Note that this form uses an autofill feature. If you type in your address without waiting for the autofill feature to work, this form will not "read" your entry correctly. 

  • -For example, if you live at 12345 South Example Street you would need to type in “12345 S Example” and wait for a dropdown menu to pop up with your full address. Then, you should be able to select your full address from the drop down menu. The autofill feature will populate all the fields, and our system will able to "read" it correctly. 
  • -Note that the city or zip may occasionally be different than expected. However, if these are very different than the actual address, please notify urban forestry. 

2. Addresses need to be abbreviated with no punctuation. 

  • -For example: North = N, Avenue = AVE, Court = CT, etc. 

3. Try opening the form in a different browser. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the City of Tacoma's Urban Forestry team (trees@cityoftacoma.org)